In 2013 RS Mines made a breakthrough in Graphene Plasma (definition & image) specialist, Haydale of the United Kingdom, through their split plasma technology, created an excellent grade of Graphene Nano Platelets (GNPs), Haydale's concluded that RS Mines 99%+ natural crystalline vein graphite had very few defects, was highly crystalline, and finally concluded that "the material is of exceptionally high quality, the best graphite in the world"

We are now planning a joint venture to produce the highest quality Graphene which will be devoted to replace Platinum and Titanium in Dye Sensitised Solar Cells.

Graphene can also be produced via a chemical method, we have collaborated with a well established American University and are developing samples of Graphene Oxide Film, initial feedback from the Raman Spectroscopy showed that our material had very few defects. Together we are now planning to produce Graphene Oxide on an industrial scale.

Markets for the Graphene Oxide include dye sensitised solar cells, super capacitors, aerospace, electricity grids, vast range of electronic devices, and drug delivery.

Lastly another project we are working on is Graphene being used for the neutralisation of radionuclides.

Just goes to show you how truly amazing this material really is. if any of these areas are of your expertise contact us to collaborate.

Take a look at the video below in which Rice University combine laser technology to produce a Super Capacitor on a Graphene Oxide Film.